Article in The Herald

An article in the New Zealand Herald by T.J. McNamara comments on ‘New Work’ – Matthew Carter and Ramon Robertson:

“A very different Auckland is the subject of work by Matthew Carter at Nkb Gallery in Mt Eden. His Auckland is concrete and angular. Everything is on an unsettling tilt. He adds semi-abstract paintings of the electronic gear as part of city life.

More radically than Baloghy, he searches for tension. A painting of a besuited skateboarder zipping down a highway that zooms into The Cloud is full of movement. In Step he shows a city where it is perilous to step off the pavement. He also suggests another presence, both historic and spiritual, by incorporating carved figures at odds with the urban environment.”

New Work – Opening Preview

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Ramon Robertson has teamed up with Matthew Carter in an exhibition of new painting and sculpture which opens on Thursday 11th June 2015.

Ramon Robertson’s work ‘engages with aspects of architecture and urbanisation. Mass production and standardization of objects is also a focus with an observation on the effect of our visual perception of objects and environment. Themes linking to human condition and behaviour in the city are also concepts explored in his work.’
Both Robertson’s and Carter’s figurative works are concerned with aspects of urban development and our human response to it having both lived and worked in cities around the globe during their respective careers.

The opening preview is at 6.00pm on Thursday 11th June at nkb gallery in Mount Eden, Auckland and the exhibition runs for three weeks. Everyone is welcome.

Joint exhibition with Ramon Robertson

A joint exhibition with sculptor Ramon Robertson is being planned for 11th June 2015 at NKB gallery in Mount Eden.  The show will have all new work from both artists not previously seen. Some of the work is being gathered together at the gallery for publicity shots.


A preview of the exhibition with drinks is planned for 11th June at 6.00pm. All welcome.

NKB gallery is at 455 Mount Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

Inspired by Edward Hopper collection

Rebecca Wilson has curated a collection of work inspired by Edward Hopper for Saatchi Online. Rebecca is the Chief Curator and a Director of Saatchi Art. Three of my paintings have been included in the collection, ‘untitled (backpackers)’, ‘Crossing’ and ‘Urban Park 2’.