Article in The Herald

An article in the New Zealand Herald by T.J. McNamara comments on ‘New Work’ – Matthew Carter and Ramon Robertson:

“A very different Auckland is the subject of work by Matthew Carter at Nkb Gallery in Mt Eden. His Auckland is concrete and angular. Everything is on an unsettling tilt. He adds semi-abstract paintings of the electronic gear as part of city life.

More radically than Baloghy, he searches for tension. A painting of a besuited skateboarder zipping down a highway that zooms into The Cloud is full of movement. In Step he shows a city where it is perilous to step off the pavement. He also suggests another presence, both historic and spiritual, by incorporating carved figures at odds with the urban environment.”

Opening night at nkb

Thanks to all those who came to the opening on Thursday night and thanks to Ngaire and James Brown for planning what was an enjoyable and successful evening.

After things had quietened down my son took a few shots.  More and better photos will appear later on Sait Akkirmans Artsdiary