The Testament Sculptures at Exeter Cathedral

My father, Ken Carter the sculptor was commissioned in 1969 to make 15 sculptures to be placed into the niches in the Chapter House at Exeter Cathedral.   Called the Testament Sculptures, he chose the great theme of creation and the figures depict some stages of creation in the Old and the New Testament.

He modelled the sculptures in clay and cold cast them in Aluminium Resin fibreglass in the years up to 1974. I remember him working on them and during the casting, we children often helped by laminating the fibreglass sheets into the backs of the sculptures.

On a recent visit to the UK I paid a visit to the Chapter House and got a few photos.


    Exeter Cathedral Chapter House


  ‘Darkness’… –  In the beginning.


    ‘Water and Earth’


   ‘Light’  –  The Sun and Moon


  ‘The Annunciation’










NorthArt exhibition continues with ‘Meet the artists’ on Sunday

NorthArt gallery in Northcote is currently showing an exhibition titled ‘Recent and Not so Recent’ until 24th May.

From NorthArt website:

‘Meet the artists 3pm Sunday 21 May
The combined talents and works of five of Northart’s most accomplished painters – Frank van Schaik, Ross Ritchie, John Oxborough, Garry Currin and Matthew Carter –  a show that is variously challenging, thought-provoking and entertaining.’