The city has long been regarded with ambivalent and conflicting attitudes. There have been contradictory philosophies some of which view the city as a place of social malaise which can be dangourous and threatening while some see it as vibrant and lively; a malleable place for each individual within it. These contrasting perceptions make the urban environment an exciting subject for visual exploration. Continual flux as well as abrupt change are characteristics of the urban environment and these aspects are part of what I seek to explore in my painting.

My painting attempts to engage with the spatio-psychology of the city and the ambivalence that is felt about it. Places like multi-storey car parks with their brutalist architecture are often viewed as nasty places to get out of quickly. But they can also have a poetry about them which once recognised can become a discovery of the new. Networks, cyberspace, architecture and urban planning seem to be constantly changing and disrupting the city’s spaces and this distruption has provided a catalyst for my work.

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